The wedding dress designs were created for women who want to feel natural, elegant and understated on the day of their wedding. The simplest forms combined with high quality silks and trims result in a look that is classic and timeless. All the dresses are custom-made, created individually.


Zofia Chylak

Zofia Chylak specializes in fashion design and custom tailoring. She works with tailors, constructors, furriers and leatherworkers in Poland and abroad.

Zofia was an apprentice at the design department at Proenza Schouler in New York and in the studio of Nicolas Caito, one of the best constructors in the city. She completed a course in pattern-cutting and sewing.

Zofia is an art historian. Her field of research is the symbolism of fashion in the art of northern Renaissance. Knowledge of the history of fashion is her inspiration and foundation for design.

Custom tailoring

Custom tailoring reminds us of what the contemporary world of fashion sometimes forgets – the past attention to detail and finishings, the focus on body shape and the ways to emphasize its best features.

The entire process of creating an outfit is equally important, especially the fittings and the ability to customize the design for the client. If we choose the best fabrics and employ talented tailors we can create clothes that will never go out of fashion, with their timeless shapes and style. The premise of custom tailoring is to bring back the old Polish tradition of high-end dressmaking and to return to a certain classic elegance.

Custom tailoring is meant to meet the expectations of people who would like to have a say in regards to what they wear. The designs are created for individual clients. The clothes are one-of-a-kind, which enables a greater focus on each individual item. This attention to quality ensures that the clothes will serve us for years, both for every day use as well as for special occasions such as parties or weddings.


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